"SPYS4DARWIN" was a very cool side project for members of ALICE IN CHAINS rhythm section, Sean Kinney (drums) and Mike Inez (bass), former Queensryche guitarist Chris DeGarmo, and the golden pipes of Vinnie Dombroski from the band SPONGE (for those who aren't familiar with them, an informative interview can be found here-Sponge Interview).

"Microfish", released on the bands own label (Pied Viper), made its debut in spring of 2001. The six-song EP got some airplay on Seattle's 99.9 KISW, the band performed at "EndFest"(an annual event sponsored and produced by Seattle's 107.7 "THE END"). Interestingly enough, after their set (which was BADASS fYI), an up and coming band "simply" known as " NICKELBACK" hit the stage (just a little trivia thrown in here). Soon thereafter, the members went back to their respective projects with a sense of accomplishment with a hearty dose of self congratulations passed amongst each other. Essentially, "Microfish" has been a "Hidden Gem" ever since (it was available on the HEART website for quite a while).

There's always been and remains "a mutual admiration society" attribute amongst the members, and the book has never been closed on "SPYS4DARWIN".

So after several years of badgering and arm twisting (jokes), JibeMusic was given the green light (thanks to Pied Viper) to pimp this "under the radar " piece of rock history. We hope you assist us in serving it well :)

Get Your copy of Microfish to your left :)


"Microfish" features songs pulled from a week of jam sessions recorded in an abandoned paint factory in Seattle, and later embellished at DeGarmo and Kinney's houses, and mixed at Studio X. From the opening high-octane pulse of 'Submission in Love', the boys get down to business creating a wide palette of killer tunes featuring 'Insomnia Station', 'Dashboard Jesus', 'Chain Letter', 'Flood' and the EP's closing track, 'Cold Dead Hands'. Produced by SPYS4DARWIN, recorded by Jibe Records founder Scotty Olson, (Alice In Chains, Deftones, Heart) and mixed by Adam Kasper (FOO FIGHTERS, SOUNDGARDEN) and the result is a mixture of crunch-guitar driven, hard-hitting hooks and acoustic subtleties, featuring the edgy punk/pop vocals of Dombroski, mile-wide guitar shower of DeGarmo, and thick-as-cement groove of Kinney and Inez."

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